NFT-Funded Challenge ‘Plush’ Seems Useless With Buyers Set To Lose $1.66M

A brand new report printed this week in France has revealed that backers of the French NFT-funded animated characteristic Plush could also be out of round $1.66 million, because the undertaking appears to be like to be useless.

Yann Philippin and Youmni Kezzouf from French outlet Mediapart launched into an exhaustive investigation into the state of the undertaking, which took them all over the world uncovering an abundance of purple flags that appear to point Plush was in all probability by no means more likely to get made within the first place.

What’s Plush? Final summer season, Plush was launched as a totally NFT-funded animated characteristic undertaking which promised traders that they might not solely be serving to finance the movie however that they might be totally credited producers who would have a say on the script and will make heaps of cash on their funding.